Disney 2019 Releases June 19

We’ve been waiting for the news, and I know I have been getting lots of requests… when will we be able to book Disney packages for next year?  The answer has been “sometime mid to late June”, which is typically when the new prices/packages have been released.

Well, The Walt Disney Company finally released a target date: June 19th. So at some point overnight, new packages and prices for next year will be available and ready to book!  And it only takes a $200 deposit to confirm your package, with the deposit (and anything else paid in) fully refundable until 30 days before your trip.

When should you go?  Well that’s up to you. If you are thinking of going before Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens and its gets crazy(ier), then you have until at least fall, which is the projected opening date of the newest Hollywood Studios land.  If you are thinking after Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens, then you are likely looking at mid to late fall, maybe even around Christmas time (Or January 2020 and beyond… if that’s the case, we can definitely chat around June… of 2019  LOL)

The great thing about Disney World vacation packages is that when we book, we can still make changes as needed… adding or subtracting ticket days, adding to or removing a meal plan… or even adding extra nights to your trip or moving you to a different resort (which depends upon availability) — and before that aforementioned 30 day due date, there is NO change fee.

Should you book this early for a trip next year?  I’d say think about it.  For those going in January, we are already a month or less away from doing your dining (180 days before your check in).  For those after, it ensures you get what you want, locking in the price you are comfortable with (and if the price goes down due to promotions or a flock of wild kangaroos terrorizing the area, as your travel planner, I’ll be on it, saving you money)

Contact me at magiconadollar@gmail.com for details!



(PS… because of hotel industry regulations, we can only book 499 days in advance.  Meaning on June 19th, we will only be able to book thru October 31st.  On June 20th, we can book through November 1st, and on June 21st, we can do Nov 2nd, and on and on, until August 19th, in which we will be able to do the entire year — this isn’t a Disney policy, its standard across the board)